Styckx Theatre - A history and acknowledgement 2006-2019

I start this blog with a current project that is a long term history of development and an expression of a collaboration between Y Space and  two artists i had the absolute privilege of working with in it's development thus far... Simon Barley and Erik Pootjes.
Styckx Theatre is many things and will write of those over the next weeks.
So to set the scene for the coming weeks: a bunch of info for those inclined to read about the context of where we're at today and sit's behind everything to come!

News of excitement is that Y Space/Nati Frinj Biennale are to build one of Simon Barley's structures at Nati Frinj Festival this year (Nov 1-3 2019)... come and see- A good time to visit Nati if you've been meaning to.  I've also heard rumour that Auspicious Arts may also be launching Bambucos' digital archive.... they have also put some resources into an updated and excellent website:
History: In the YSpace/Bambuco/Transvision office sharing da…